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Garity Associates Brokerage
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35 Years of Friendly and Efficient Service
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Founded in 1970, Garity Associates has specialized in helping graduates find affordable health insurance for 20 years or more. We began marketing Short Term Medical when it was first developed in the early 1980’s, and we have became “Short Term Specialists” for Time Insurance (now part of Assurant Health) in 1985. We have been among their top producers ever since.

International health insurance products were added in 1990 and became an increasing part of our business throughout the 1990’s. In 1999 we were one of the first insurance agencies to begin selling to consumers directly over the internet when we formed . Our first online product was IMG’s international portfolio, and we were named their Producer of the Year twice in the past 5 years. When Assurant Health released their online enrollment tool in 2001 we again were one of the first to market and have been a leading online producer ever since. Our sister company, also markets several other competing short term products and a variety of discount programs to consumers worldwide.

In addition to marketing specialty health insurance products to graduates, we are a full service insurance marketing company offering life, health, dental, employee benefits to associations and individuals nationwide.


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